This software is written for CPython 3.6, and supported on Windows, Linux, and MacOS. It should work with Anaconda and more recent distributions of Python but is not tested on these platforms.


This module can be installed the same way you would install any other Python package. However, it is not distributed to the global PyPI repository.

From a tarball or cloned distribution

After expanding the tarball, change into that directory and issue the following command:

python install

A python sdist and binary wheel can be built as follows:

python sdist bdist_wheel

From a PyPI repository

If you have placed a python sdist or binary wheel into a custom PyPI respository, and properly configured pip to use that custom repository, then you can install this package as follows:

pip install nlmfedcred

Smart Card Utility

This also includes a smart card utility. To enable the smartcard utility, install PyKCS11:

pip install PyKCS11